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In English:

Hello! I am HockeySam18, a forumer on AOKH and scenario designer for Cysion and Age of Forgotten Empires.

As I hope you are all aware, Age of Fogotten Empires has been released. Nevertheless, it is still under constant development and balancing, with new features in each new patch. Campaigns are also under development, with three of them almost entirely completed, and others will follow.

Nevertheless, we still have room for more designers. We need more designers. If you send me an e-mail at with some screenshots or a scenario that presents your best map design, I will forward your application to Caelir and Cysion, head of campaigns and overall director (respectively).

The reason we request examples of map design, is that it is relatively easy to teach someone - should they need help - triggers. However, map design is different. Map design is much harder to teach, and as a result, it's easier in the long run to look for talent there and not in other categories.

In addition, I'd like to hear what AgeArena has to say about AoFE. What are you looking forward to? Do you plan on getting AoFE? Do you expect AoFE to become standard, just like Conquerors is now (IE, no one makes scenarios for people with just age of kings)?

What are your thoughts? discuss them here.

I will post updates on the progress as long as Cysion's okay with it.

We are looking for only 2 designers AT MOST. We will need voice actors, however - and a lot of them. If you have a specific accent or so, post here letting me know. Also post your microphone specifics and other relevant information.

Thank you!
Willkommen HockeySam18, :hallo:
wir kennen Forgotten Empires schon, und ich kann auch behaupten das es vielen Membern sehr gut gefällt. Ihr werdet hier mit Sicherheit jemanden finden der für euch Maps designed und auch synchronisiert.

Du hättest aber ruhig auf Englisch posten können, dein Deutsch liest sich ja wie ausm Google-Übersetzter :klopfklopf: :rolleyes:
Hey HockeySam,
I can only agree to Jürgen. Please write it in english next time, it's a bit hard to follow your text in german ;)
As far as I know we're all able to understand english, more or less and if someone has a question, I'm sure some of us can help with the translations.

Anyway, referring to your need of voice actors:
Voice acting in german or in english?
In general, I would suggest you just post your text with some comments on how to pronounce it and wait, who will dub it. The voice actor will post the file and you can decide, if you like it or not.
For example a gate guard:
"Hold it - you're not allowed to enter!" - Strong, aggressive voice.

Or, if you need it in german, just write your english text and we will translate it.
Jürgen and black_prinz:

Thank you for the welcome and the advice!

Voice acting in English. If anybody is interested in working on AoFE, email me at . Hopefully the opening post is more clear now.
I had a poll about FE in the MainHall.
click me!
There was shown, that there is an interest in FE. Some designers here plan to design a map for FE (usually to publish on agearena) and most also would like to play more FE maps.
Hey all,

I am hosting the first AoF:HD scenario design contest over on the Steam forums. If you are interested, follow the link to head over and have a look! ... 597144513/

Good luck!