Hallo liebe Mitglieder der AgeArena! Age of Kings: The Forgotten Empires braucht Map Designers, die die eine neue Generation von AoC Map Design einleitet. Nähre informationen (von AoKH: http://aok.heavengames.com/cgi-bin/aokc ... 001,0,30):
Bild I think many of you already know the Expansion, The Forgotten Empires which is currently developed by Cysion and his team. For people who is not familiar with this Expansion that adds 5 new civilizations (from Italians, Magyars and Slavs to Indians and Incas) can check the Official Facebook Page, the 300 Pages long disscussion topic at AoCZone or the page at AoCBoX. I can't explain you the Expansion here in one sentence, but just let me tell you that the game play is hugely improved (widescreen as default for example) and is primary focus is to balance the game even in the multiplayer game.

Today I present you the opportunity to join us and shape the next generation of AoC. As The Conquerors came out 12 years ago with brand new campaigns, The Forgotten Empires needs its campaign as well. And we don't need a campaigns all made by one person. What we seek are campaigns full of diversity, true art of geniuses and master pieces of 12 years history.

So I invite you to represent the art of map design of AoC in AoF. Actually I beg you to, because I'm a fan of AoC campaigns myself. We need 4-6 scenarios for every new civilizations. Two Historians Caelir and ‎Viceroy are already researching about the background history. Now we just need designers who will make history to an adventure, to a tale to a sensation.

If you want to help us to create the crystals of AoC map design history then send your application to "flayermarian@gmail.com"! If you want to work as a team of designers then make sure to address that in your application.

I truly hope that I can gather the best designers to make Age of Kings: The Forgotten Empires a great game for me, you and for every player who starts to play this game after 12 years of its release. Attracting new players to this fantastic games should be our main purpose and for every new player we get, we can once again say this game is not dead yet.

Hoping and waiting for application.

-- Campaign Manager, Marian Flayer
Nur ist es zu beachten das die Szenarien auf Englisch sein müssen, deswegen sollte man Grundlegende Englisch Kenntnisse haben.

Viele Grüße

-- Marian Flayer